C# Encryption samples

Having a web presence and collecting data of your customers can be useful. But have you ever considered that your company’s reputation could be destroyed when all of this data would become public available due to an error of your staff, a hacker breaking into your system, ….?

Clients will only buy from your site if they feel confident that all of their personal information is kept confidential and secure. You can’t rely on storing the data and claim that you have password protected the site. You need to encrypt your data to minimize the risk in case someone gets access to your data.

Encryption is the process of transforming information in such manner that useless to all unauthorized parties except for the intended recipient. A great site with samples for encrypting data using C# can be found here.

Samples for different .NET frameworks

are provided. One of my favorites is the encrypting/decrypting of a data stream. If you want to know more about C# and encryption I suggest your read the following article on CodeProject.

What is your prefered website for implementing encryption using C#?

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