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Many MS Windows developers stick to Visual SourceSafe but why? I was once a great fan of MS Visual SourceSafe, it works well when working with small teams that do not require remote access to the repository and I also used it for contract control and other non-software related control. Frequently checking that the database is working correctly is a need to avoid data loss.

Versioning control over the Internet
Our developers frequently need to work remotely or prefer to work late in the evening to quickly follow up on client requests so that when they start working the next morning they have updates available for checking. SourceSafe is than a problem. First of all you will need to purchase software licenses and secondly it simply doesn’t work via the Internet unless you purchase some other software or accept data loss.

CVS / SubVersion with TortoiseCVS / TortoiseSVN
In the past we were reluctant to use CVS. It was considered something typical Linux, command line, black screen, etcetera. Windows developers don’t like that. They like a nice user interface, something that they can’t. We tried to use WinCVS GUI but had major problems getting it to work with Visual Studio. It was not until we did a PHP project and one of our developer found TortoiseCVS on the Internet that we started to use CVS for file versioning control. CVS works well over the internet.

  • TortoiseCVS is a CVS client that works directly under Windows Explorer. TortoiseCVS enables you to update, checkout and commit modules within Explorer. You can also see differences by right clicking on files and folders.

    Download location:

    The installation of the program is extremely easy and may or may not require a reboot of you PC.

  • TortoiseSVN¬† ( is a SubVersion client that works under Windows Explorer. Simply open Windows Explorer and right mouse click on a folder to see the initial option. You can even create your own local repository using a few button clicks.

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