Essential management tools

Coding is fun but as we are all know, too often people forget the management behind it. Lack of project management significantly decreases the satisfaction of the client, team spirit, quality of deliverables or, total project failure.

Especially when your are a provider for outsourcing services and your client is far away it is import to manage the project well. So what tools and forms does CSharp Jobs use? Below I’ve listed some of the many tools/documents that we use. It is not limited to C# projects as we also use them for J2ME, Java and other projects. Spread over several posts we will address each tool/form.


  • Online IssueTracker (mantis)
  • CVS / SubVersion – Versioning control software 

  • Feature Lists 

  • Microsoft Project 

  • Status Reports  

  • Trac


We like to hear from you which tools you use so feel free to leave a comment. In follow up posts we will go through each of the tools above.

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Triathletes App..

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Random Testimonial

  • ~ Steve Cass – Business Development Manager, Atlas Industries

    "Marcel was a pleasure to work with. He understood projects well, took the time to study and understand the tasks before him and worked well with managers and workers who reported to him. He was the best on the ground manager in Vietnam at that time. He was able to work across cultures and maintained excellent working relationships. Highly recommend working with Marcel for Vietnam or other ventures. August 13,"

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