Below is a summary of some recently completed projects:

  • Sudoku-Ball (www.sudoku-ball.com)
    A patented product that Mobile Excellence International & Lensoft International developed together. Sudoku-Ball is a 3D Samurai sudoku game which utilizes a closed network.Technology used: Java WebStart Application, Java3D, Java Servlet and a MySQL database. Sudoku generators for the printed PVC version were made using other advanced technologies which are currently kept confidential.


  • Telegraaf Sudoku
    An online Sudoku generator developed for one of the largest Dutch newspapers. The engine supplies sudokus puzzles and solutions in XML format to other devices such as PC, Mobile phones¦ During the development the speed of generator was several times improved and at the end more than 1,000 times faster than the original prototype.Technology used: Java Servlet, MySQL database.


  • Number Place Japan (DOJA)Special version of Sudoku developed for Japanese handsets using the Japanese language. Due to trademark issues, the name Sudoku had to be changed into Number place for Japan.


  • Sudoku J2ME
    This was the very first Sudoku mobile game available on the market. The product was developed together with Mobile Excellence International, our long term partner.


  • Sudoku Adds website
    A sudoku million-pixel website with a Sudoku flash game. The Flash game was developed by a Dutch company but the actual sudoku puzzles are generated by a Servlet developed by LenSoft.


  • TruckTycoon for Mobile handsets
    The original game was written in MIDP. Lensoft ported it to i-mode.


  • GO for Mobile
    The famous GO game but now developed for i-mode. A nice game with a smart engine.


  • Bubble 4 for Mobile
    A four in a row game but than with a twist! Our partner in Holland had the bright idea to turn the game up-side-down and to .


  • Backgammon (I-Mode)
    Backgammon game for I-ModeTechnology used: DoJa


  • Chezzles (DOJA)
    This game was endorsed directly by Alexandra Kosteniuk, ranking as the 3rd in the list of the worlds’ woman chess grandmasters.
  • Students website
    Applying new styles for a very large students website.Technology used: PHP, HTML and a MySQL database.


  • Photo website update
    Technology used: CGI-Perl, HTML, MySQL database.


  • Contact Database for the Dutch Consulate General
    A small database for collecting contact information of Dutch members in Vietnam.


  • ICT-Supply Webshop
    Development of webshop for IT equipment. Product-Cart systems was used for the core of the application. The system was developed over a period of 4 phases. The interface was changed, many improvements to the navigation and general look and feel were implemented. Features were added and the backoffice was nearly completely redone. A Windows service was build to fully automatically imports 80.000 records each day from suppliers, compare the data and update the pricing, stock quantity, categories and website data. A sales commission module was added which keeps track of all, multi-level, commission payments per country, branch, sales agents, etcetera
    Technologies used: ASP, SQL2000, C#, XML Webservices


  • School fund management application
    Conversion of an existing spaghetti coded Visual Basic basic financial application to a Windows C# application using the MS Windows XP Style guidelines. The application is used by schools/universities to maintain basic records of student’s payment history and outstanding payments.Technologies used: C#, XML, MS SQL2000


  • I-mode Emotion Poker
    Simple bluff poker game for J2METechnology used: DoJa


  • Chick O’Legs single player (I-mode)
    Mobile game variant of the 4 in a row game.Technology used: DoJa
  • Chick O’Legs multiplayer
    Multiplayer version of Chick O’LegsTechnology used: DoJa

Triathletes App..

Stay tuned!

In December 2014 Lensoft will release a new iPhone and Android app for triathletes which for sure be a huge success. The first 10.000 downloaders will receive the app for free, including lifetime updates.

Stay curious and be patient.....

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