TrueCrypt is history…..welcome to EncryptStick

The makers of the encryption software TrueCrypt recently announced their shutdown. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the shutdown, the identity of the developer(s) seems unknown and it is even uncertain whether the latest versions are actually secure.

Although TrueCrypt is great software, for most people it was too difficult to use.  If you are a computer geek you were probably safe. But, if you are an HR Manager or simply want to protect your data, TrueCrypt is too complicated.  So whats next?

Welcome to the world of EncryptStick. EncryptStick is a user-friendly, easy to use and well maintained privacy management software app that runs on both Windows and Mac. I mention privacy management software here (rather than encryption software) as the vendor wants to make certain that all users can enjoy and benefit from the data protection experience, no matter whether they are a computer geek or IT specialist, HR Manager, accountant, teacher, company owner, student or a homemaker. Everyone should have the means to protect their private information and their identity. EncryptStick comes with a very useful Password Manager and a free Privacy Browser.

Encrypt-Stick main screen

EncryptStick is well maintained and regularly updated, and the current release as of June 2014 is version 5.4.16, for both Mac and Windows.

Triathletes App..

Stay tuned!

In December 2014 Lensoft will release a new iPhone and Android app for triathletes which for sure be a huge success. The first 10.000 downloaders will receive the app for free, including lifetime updates.

Stay curious and be patient.....

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